Images from Carlsbad, California

Recently, I had a chance to visit Carlsbad, a city about 45 minutes away from San Diego in southern California.

As this was a work trip, I was only able to use a few hours on the last morning there to capture images of the beach and the Pacific Ocean. Once I reached Carlsbad I figured that the city is very popular with family travelers as it is the location of Legoland California, and so there were a lot of families on the beach and a lot of young people learning to surf.

The images do not show the busy highway that was behind me and the loud roar from the  highway’s traffic but nonetheless, seeing the Pacific Ocean with its calm waves on this beach after almost 5 years did make me think, Can I please move here? I will even learn to surf! But, anyway, I did return back to New York with a resolve to explore the California coast more with my travel buddies, Siena and Sachin.

11 thoughts on “Images from Carlsbad, California

    1. Holy moly…. I didn’t even know it was there, but now I do 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Arv. I have a special liking for desolate beaches. This one was desolate only because I was there at 6 in the morning. It was very crowded later in the day!

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          1. Great, Shikha! Happy to come across someone from heart of India. 👍 Yes. Born and raised in Jaipur but I have traveled quite a bit and lived out of Jaipur too. 😃

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