Visit Snoqualmie Falls!

A very real waterfall close to Seattle?! Yes, please!

Snoqualmie Falls falling into the Snoqualmie River.

If you look for the standard “Things to Do” in Seattle, you will come across Snoqualmie Falls. A mere 45 minutes from Seattle, these 268 ft. falls are the real deal! We have already been to the Falls twice, once in January and then again in March and on both occasions the waterfall was dense with a lot of spray, which makes me think these are year-around falls that neither dry out nor freeze during the year!

Getting to the falls

The easiest way to get to the falls is through your own car. The GPS directions are easy to follow and the roads are in a great condition. There is a small parking lot, all too small for the amount of tourist traffic that this place gets, but on both occasions we were able to park on the shoulder of an adjoining road. If driving is not your thing, a number of day trips are offered to the Falls by a variety of operators. Once you leave the car, a small footbridge and a few more steps would get you straight to the different viewing platforms for the falls.

The footbridge leading up to the viewing platforms
The a Snoqualmie River in the Cascades Mountain Range

The hidden gem

Don’t just head back after enjoying the lovely waterfalls. The best part of Snoqualmie falls is the easy access to Snoqualmie river. A short, shaded and absolutely lovely trail leads all the way down to the river. Here you can sit on the rocks and be really close to nature, making the hike well worth it. There are a number of picnic tables near the “lower” falls region which are ideal for enjoying a lovely picnic lunch. If a relaxing day in your mind does not include hiking, you can drive straight to the parking lot by the river.

On the banks of Snoqualmie River

The easy and shaded hike to the River

Hope you enjoy these lovely falls and the Snoqualmie River when you are in Seattle area.