Lake Annette hike near Seattle

Lake Annette in Western Washington state, US

Waterfalls, wildflowers, pretty wood bridges, and an emerald lake – the Lake Annette hike has something for everyone! At more than 7.5 miles round trip with steady climbing, I would not classify this hike as easy. But if you have enough time in your hands to be able to take a lot of breaks to rest the legs, this hike is totally do-able by beginner hikers like me.

It took me about 3 hours to go uphill to the lake from the trailhead (where the car parking is) and about 2 hours to come back down.

Tumbling waterfall at the start of the hike
One of the many picturesque wood bridges

This lovely hike is only a one hour drive from Seattle downtown and a half-hour drive into the Cascades mountain range from our home. Getting there is fairly easy, with most of the drive occurring on the freeway. Some hikes require driving through forest roads riddled with potholes, but this hike isn’t one of them. While it’s no big deal for your car, I would caution against bringing pre-schoolers/ kindergarteners to this trail as there are a lot of exposed rocks and roots.

I experienced just the right amount of solitude on this hike. I was not rubbing shoulders with other hikers, and at the same time I would pass other groups every 5-10 minutes. Thus I got the feeling of having the forests, trees and meadows to myself, without being completely isolated. Almost everyone was masked and giving others lot of room to pass safely – great pandemic etiquette!

Cascades Mountain range peeking from the clouds.

From the trailhead you quickly come to a lovely waterfall that can viewed by a from a quaint wooden bridge. The trail soon opens to meadows with wildflowers. Then the steady climb begins to get to the lake. At few different points, I found myself hiking on narrow ledges overlooking valleys and mountains. These make for great views, but you also need to be sure-footed and focused on these parts of the trail. Once you get to the lake, there are a few access points to get to the water, and truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The tumbling falls that greet you very quickly in the hike.
Wildflowers on the trail.
Open meadow of wildflowers before the real climb of the hike begins.
The lake at the end of the trail.

This lovely emerald lake is a fitting reward for the long hike.

This trailhead is also the starting point of the Asahel Curtis nature trail, and like the Lake Annette trail, starts with a lovely cascading creek. I did not do the entire Asahel Curtis trail, and only went as far as the first wooden bridge to photograph the Humpback creek. I plan to come back and do this kid-friendly trail with my daughter.

The tumbling Humpback creek formed from the melting snow of the surrounding mountains.

I would not say that you should do this hike if you are in the Seattle area for a week. But definitely do it if you are here for more than a month. I will be happy to take you there!


6 thoughts on “Lake Annette hike near Seattle

  1. This is such a beautiful trail! I wish trails here in India too see a day where they are maintained so well. Also glad to know that people are being mindful and following Pandemic etiquettes even in the outdoors 🙂
    Cheers & keep hiking!


    1. Thank you so much! I loved reading your blog. I do not have much experience hiking in India, but did spend few lovely days in Amboli and experienced first hand the wind “speaking” in the night, the fog hugging the mountains and the gushing waterfalls! All the best to you too and lots more hikes.

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