My most memorable photo of 2017

While WordPress’s final photo challenge of 2017 calls for going through the photo archives for all of last year and selecting and showcasing the favorites to bid 2017 a fond goodbye, due to lack of time I am posting the one that comes to mind as the most meaningful: It is no surprise that as a mom of a pre-schooler, most of the cherished photos … Continue reading My most memorable photo of 2017

A peek into winter

After tentatively skirting at the edges, winter is now finally here in New York, and making its presence felt! And the leaves, which were steadfast in their greenery¬† are rapidly turning into warmer hues and heaping into the ground in delightful piles of yellow and orange. Even though winter gets tiring at the tail end of its long stretch, presently I am looking forward to … Continue reading A peek into winter

The “stop in your tracks” architecture of Madrid.

Is there something that always makes you stop on your tracks and take notice? It could be a stylish shoe, a perfectly tailored shirt or a bouquet of verdant flowers. What is it that makes you instantly say gleefully ¬†– Ooh, Shiny! For me, it’s grand architecture – not necessarily grand in stature but in the intricacy of work that was painstakingly put ages ago … Continue reading The “stop in your tracks” architecture of Madrid.

Lush green drive in Hawaii

Normally when I see the theme for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, I post the first picture that comes to my mind. When I thought about “dense”, I immediately thought of the our drive from Kahului to Hana in the island of Maui, Hawaii.  The Hana highway passes through dense vegetation made up of many different plants, flowers and trees, and you get a distinct … Continue reading Lush green drive in Hawaii

A hilltop in Tuscany, Italy – New Horizon

A rolling hilltop in Chianti, Tuscany, which seems content and contained at the same time. This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is New Horizon – where we explore something we want to achieve in 2017. For 2017, I want to find my happiness within and in the moment, instead of getting caught up in the loop of “I would be happy if only…..”. As they say, … Continue reading A hilltop in Tuscany, Italy – New Horizon