A hilltop in Tuscany, Italy – New Horizon

A rolling hilltop in Chianti, Tuscany, which seems content and contained at the same time. This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is New Horizon – where we explore something we want to achieve in 2017. For 2017, I want to find my happiness within and in the moment, instead of getting caught up in the loop of “I would be happy if only…..”. As they say, … Continue reading A hilltop in Tuscany, Italy – New Horizon

Evening shots from South Bank, LondonĀ 

It’s dinnertime in London! I had seen the majestic Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, before but seeing these gems lit up against the pink-purple-grey evening sky was a sight that took my breath away. This post is inspired by the WordPress weekly photo challenge, Dinnertime. See more amazing photos submitted by talented photographers here. Continue reading Evening shots from South Bank, LondonĀ 

Fall colors in Hudson River Valley

Currently our little toddler is front and center in our lives. I immediately thought of her for this week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge – One Love, as she represents an all encompassing and all engulfing love. I wish that she grows to have curiosity, inquisitiveness, a sense of adventure and a respect for nature and all cultures and above all a strong wanderlust. In this … Continue reading Fall colors in Hudson River Valley

Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

Would you consider an Iguana creepy? Maybe at first glance… but witihn a few minutes you realize that these large lizards are actually quite stately, calm and elegant. While this scaly friend was spotted in Mexico,we saw more iguanas in all hues of the rainbow in the US Virgin Islands. They seemed to be the celebrated guests of our resort, where you could find them … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy