Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward

  The stunning views of Brunelleschi’s  candy-cane dome and all of Florence and the surrounding countryside – this was our reward for climbing the 414 steps to get to the top of the adjacent bell tower. The steps were tall, narrow and at certain points, downright hazardous!  But the views from the top were a fitting reward. Now all we had to do was brace … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward

Weekly Photo Challenge – Serenity

Serenity, when your heart and mind are at peace, when you are totally immersed in the moment, when you have accepted the past and there is no foreboding about the future…. serenity is watching from a cliff, waves rhythmically gaining momentum and seamlessly merging into the shore below. Serenity really means different things to all of us. For more individualistic interpretations of serenity, click here. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Serenity

Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

This picture of yellow flowers was taken in the Champagne region, France, famous for producing its namesake bubbly drink, somewhere between the towns of Reims and Epernay. I am not a photographer or even an amateur photographer. But I am stunned by the photography talent here at WordPress. See for yourself by checking out other submissions for this week’s photo challenge 🙂 Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular

When I first read the word “Angular”, I immediately thought of the pyramids of Giza, Egypt, the ancient iconic structures that we see resonated in plenty of instances in modern day architecture. Alas, I have not been to Egypt and witnessed the pyramids firsthand. So, for this week’s photo challenge – “Angular”, I have settled for I.M. Pei designed Glass Pyramid which along with three … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular

2 days in Lisbon – Part 1

Lisbon immediately captivated us with its understated, unpretentious charm. It perhaps does not equal Paris in glamour or Rome in grandeur, but Lisbon with its glorious architecture and historic squares, packs its own distinctive flavor and evokes the bygone era where it was the capital of a formidable imperial power. We reached here from London only in the afternoon, thanks to a delayed flight, and … Continue reading 2 days in Lisbon – Part 1

Weekly Photo Challenge – Monument

With its striking Gothic style and symmetry, the Parliament building in Budapest is truly monumental, and also a sight that anyone who has visited Budapest would not forget in a hurry. I was so taken in by the red-brown dome and the arches and the sheer grandeur of this architectural gem, that for the weekly photo challenge on “Monument”, this building very easily came to … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Monument

The hiking trails of Cinque Terre

“..The storybook journey, replete with fragrant wildflowers and colorful butterflies, is topped with uninterrupted views.. ” When I read this article about Cinque Terre in the New York Times, the part about the paths being fragrant with wild flowers seemed like a bit of an exaggeration. But months later, as we climbed the many stairs in the hike from Monterosso to Vernazza , I remember thinking that … Continue reading The hiking trails of Cinque Terre