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Weekly Photo Challenge – Extra Extra

We mounted the camera on the tripod, and got our smiles in place, for a picture with the Mediterranean Sea, in Cabo Formentor in Mallorca, Spain. Funnily enough, we were joined in the picture by a furry friend who quietly strolled into the photo:



I dug out these pictures for the weekly photo challenge – Extra Extra. For more pictures where a regular shot was made more interesting due to something extra,  click here.


No twists, no glory – Weekly photo challenge “Twist”

You have done your research and have meticulously read and reread the guidebook. As you embark upon on the drive, full of twists, turns and hairpin bends, you try to fight the very last smudge of doubt – what if the whole experience, after all the twists and turns, is not worth it?

For this week’s photo challenge – Twist, I have selected the fruits of three drives full of twists and bends. While the pictures are idyllic, the drives along the twisty roads were far from smooth. However, in each case, the views were definitely worth the very interesting and adventurous road trips.

1. View of Positano, taken from the very twisty road along the Amalfi Coast in Italy:



2. View of the Pacific Ocean, taken from the Road to Hana in the island of Maui, Hawai:DSC00470

3. Cabo Formentor, in the island of Mallorca, Spain:



Do you have any such experiences? A road full of twists and turns, but totally worth it? Please share, so that I can fuel my wanderlust with more twists 🙂


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