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The weight of love (locks)!

When I first saw the love locks on Pont des Arts bridge on the river Seine in Paris, I thought it was a really cool idea, and the only reason I did not leave my mark on a railing of the bridge overflowing with love-locks and toss metal in water, is that, well, I could not find a lock.

It so turns out that – surprise surprise – these locks are actually bad for the beautiful Pont des Arts and other historical structures, and in June 2015, a bunch of these locks, all 45 tonne of them, became meat for bolt cutters.

Here are some pictures of the locks that were, quite literally, weighing down the Pont des Arts. Adieu, dear locks!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular

When I first read the word “Angular”, I immediately thought of the pyramids of Giza, Egypt, the ancient iconic structures that we see resonated in plenty of instances in modern day architecture.

Alas, I have not been to Egypt and witnessed the pyramids firsthand. So, for this week’s photo challenge – “Angular”, I have settled for I.M. Pei designed Glass Pyramid which along with three smaller pyramids, sits proudly with all its glass and metallic splendor in the courtyard of the Louvre in Paris.

Glass Pyramid - Louvre, Paris

Glass Pyramid – Louvre, Paris

This picture was taken on a cold and cloudy February afternoon in Paris.

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