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Evening shots from South Bank, London 

It’s dinnertime in London! I had seen the majestic Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, before but seeing these gems lit up against the pink-purple-grey evening sky was a sight that took my breath away.

This post is inspired by the WordPress weekly photo challenge, Dinnertime. See more amazing photos submitted by talented photographers here.






Weekly Photo Challenge – “Converge”

The Tower Bridge, LondonThis picture shows the two giant roadways of the Tower Bridge in London converging back, after lifting to make way for a passing boat. The picture was taken in the summer of 2012, and you can also see the 2012 Summer Olympic rings on the roof that would retract before the roadways lifted, and came back to place after the roadways converged.

Also, the Shard building can be seen in the background, the construction of which was, at that time, close to being completed.

I love bridges, in all their different shapes and sizes, but the Tower Bridge is special and looks even more stunning when its lit up in the night. The roadways of the Bridge lift based on a pre-determined schedule which is available on its website. If you get a chance, do pay the  Bridge a visit when its roadways are lifting and converging back.

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